Brittania Landing:
Preserving History with Modern Construction

The City of Taunton is one of the oldest in the United States. Founded in 1637, the “Silver City” that we call home has a long history of iron making, textile mills and manufacturing, particularly in silver which is where our fair city got its name. Reed & Barton, F.B. Rogers, and Poole Silver to name a few. Many of these landmarks of industry are long gone with the exception of Reed & Barton which still operates in a smaller capacity. These historic buildings mostly lie vacant with a few small businesses occupying less than 10% of what was once a booming series of complexes.

Hollywood comes around once every few years to shoot the occasional movie.

The Whittenton area where Brittania Landing is located is a neighborhood where many residents once lived, worked, shopped, and attended church all in one place. This sense of community hardly exists today but the history of it remains. So when the opportunity to create something modern while preserving that history came to us we were honored to develop it into Brittania Landing with the support of The City of Taunton.

In October of 2018 the Diocese was at the end of having the property under agreement with a buyer who planned to demolish and clear the property to build a large apartment complex. We were lucky to have a great relationship with the City and were able to purchase it before that happened, but not before the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church had unfortunately been leveled. However, the old parish rectory and religious education office remained intact.

When we took ownership we were immediately in awe of the quality of construction of this Taunton landmark. From hand crafted wood working to handmade tiles, the interior still had beauty to preserve despite years of neglect. We knew that we needed to make these features shine again, particularly in the common areas. Our modern updates give every unit a timeless feel.

Working hand in hand with the City Planner we designed the project to ensure the best outcome for the City. To add stability to the area and appreciation from local businesses we decided on all owner occupied units as opposed to rentals. Whie everything required significant municipal approvals we were able to create three duplexes, a quadplex, and two six unit townhouse/condo buildings while keeping the property’s unique charm.

As of May of 2021 every unit has been sold. Keep connected with us for information on our next project!

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